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Asagao -- Morning glory (Japanese).  Literally "morning face", it is an image of transience.

Enchiridion -- The title of a handbook of moral values by Epictetus (55 C.E. - 135 C.E.).
                        It is a guide to daily life.

Gaki -- Hungry ghost(Japanese).  A being in a realm of the afterlife
             caught between death and the attainment of rest.

Jinji -- Human affairs (Japanese).  One of the sub-categories of haiku.

Kado -- The Way of words or poetry (Japanese).  One of several "ways" to live a life.

Kakemono -- A scroll or image displayed in an alcove of a home (Japanese).

Saku -- Fence (Japanese).

Veritas -- Truth (Latin).

-- This is a medieval (alchemical?) image symbolic of one's lifespan.
It is composed of the waxing and waning moon and the space between.