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Asagao -- Morning glory (Japanese).  Literally "morning face", it is an image of transience.

Enchiridion -- The title of a handbook of moral values by Epictetus (55 C.E. - 135 C.E.).
                         It is a guide to living a moral life.  This is somewhat different.

Gaki -- Hungry ghost (Japanese).  A being in a realm of the afterlife
             caught between death and the attainment of rest.

Jinji -- Human affairs (Japanese).  One of the sub-categories of haiku.

Kabe -- Wall (Japanese).

Kado -- The Way of words or poetry (Japanese).  One of several "ways" to live a life.

Kakemono -- A scroll or image displayed in an alcove of a home (Japanese).

Kumo -- Cloud (Japanese).

Shakespeare's Quantum Sonnets are derived algorithmically from the original 153 sonnets.
Each line of the quantum sonnet is an original line from Shakespeare and it occupies
its same ordinal position. It has been taken randomly out of context to build the new sonnet.
The quantum sonnets are, thereby, written by Shakespeare and they are not.

Quantum Behavioral Therapy is not what B.F. Skinner had in mind.

Venutian Shakespearean Sonnets are Shakespeare's sonnets translated into Venutian (obviously).

-- This is a medieval (alchemical?) image symbolic of one's lifespan.
It is composed of the waxing and waning moons and the space between.